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»Extensive experience, deep insights, basic realizations and an approach which is continually updated result in a holistic outlook and rigorous as well as sustainable methods of resolution for all sorts of questions and problems – applying scientific thinking and logic in reality. These methods are limited only by the laws of nature and their respective taxonomy. The moral responsibility for this content is based on Kant’s categorical imperative. Basic approaches are meant to move freely around the entire cognitive space while solutions are never complete and have to be refined continually. The arc of suspense consisting of precise analysis and creative ideas in all areas is focused on kick-starting global innovation.«

Heiner Eckert
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Heiner Eckert


As a post-doctoral graduate of natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat., PD Dr. rer. nat.) in the field of chemistry, Heiner Eckert works as a private lecturer at the Technical University of Munich, as an expert for scientific journals and as an consultant and vice-president of a biotechnology startup company in Hangzhou/China. Over and above this,  Extracurricular studies have always been an essential requirement and a permanent part of his career.




Numerous synergistic effects arise from a total of 15 interconnected projects.  The »synergy centre« is palladium phthalocyanine PdPc, around which various, highly-selective reactions occur. This has led to the development of multiple synthesis methods.

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»Extracurricular studies« have always meant ensuring an open holistic doorway to the world and to science, and they are a part of Heiner Eckert’s philosophy. He always endeavours to encompass all dimensions of thinking and handling to be accessible to people.




Synthesis chemistry offers untold opportunities – way more than just for purely chemical application areas. Complex and yet as simple as possible, the technology of »Radical and concerted simplification of chemical synthesis« enables effective and sustainable innovations based on numerous and resource-saving substances, procedures and methods.

Radikale und konzertierte Vereinfachung der chemischen Synthese

Mind Space


The »Mind space« uses the philosophical methods underpinning an experimental-essay-based test setup. This broadly configured, strictly science-based chemical research is supplemented by free thought in an unlimited space. Intrinsically motivated, there are no clearly defined objectives here, although aims do sometimes simply develop. This recombines chemistry and the search for inspiration. 


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