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On Genius in the Fields of Science and Art

Dr Heiner Eckert Lecture given at the Ugi Conference on »Multi-Component Reactions« at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) on 22nd September 1995 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Professor Dr Ivar Ugi (5th September 1930 – 29th September 2005). The lecture uses selected figures from the fields of science and art to demonstrate the factors that characterise »geniuses« in general. It then develops …

My Experiences from my Work in China

Heiner-Eckert- Peking

When I arrived at the airport in Shanghai Pudong at the end of November 2013, where I was welcomed with a bunch of flowers, I was very intrigued as to what exactly was awaiting me. I had already supervised many students from China at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), some of whom worked with me to complete their theses, including Dr Zheming Wang, the …

Tailor-made molecules – a method for low-cost materials


Basics: Multi-Function Component Reactions (MFCRs) By extending Multi-Component Reactions (MCRs) through additional orthogonal functional groups in the components the reaction space expands by one or more dimensions [53,58]. Orthogonal one-pot reactions of the kind described above containing 4 components and 5 functional groups in which two orthogonal functions (strongly nucleophilic –NC and strongly electrophilic –NCO) of the same component select their reaction partners from the reaction mixture …


Heiner Eckert Bergsteigen Jubiläumsgrat-Tour

Tour (right to left): Zugspitze – inner Höllentalspitze – middle Höllentalspitze – outer Höllentalspitze – Vollkarspitze – Alpspitze

The Hangzhou and Zhejiang Friendship Awards

Heiner Eckert Hangzhou Friendship Award

In August 2015, Heiner Eckert was presented with the “Quianjiang Friendship Award” for foreign experts in the city of Hangzhou: You can find out more about the »West Lake Friendship Award 2015« and view a list of the prizewinners on the Zhejiang Government’s official website here. View video