My Experiences from my Work in China

Heiner-Eckert- Peking

When I arrived at the airport in Shanghai Pudong at the end of November 2013, where I was welcomed with a bunch of flowers, I was very intrigued as to what exactly was awaiting me. I had already supervised many students from China at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), some of whom worked with me to complete their theses, including Dr Zheming Wang, the President of the company BSAZ Biochem in Hangzhou. Now I was standing in a new country and I was extremely curious.

Later, once people had gotten to know me better, I found out that I had arrived on the official opening day of the new bridge crossing the Qiantang River in the south-west of the city and that this was considered to be a good omen. As is quite normal for a start-up, the company started out with several business areas all running simultaneously, which made its initial beginnings difficult but succeeded in demonstrating the high potential of the company’s corporate spirit at an early stage. So far, my curiosity still hasn’t been fully satisfied and it will be a long time until I can say that this has changed. Both the amazingly stunning setting in and around Hangzhou and the constantly new ideas and projects being developed at BSAZ help to create an inspiring atmosphere and produce innovative work. After two years of existence and particularly after its work last year, BSAZ is now able to independently use its own data material to analyse all developments and to decide on the approaches that need to be taken towards further planning activities.

For me, this means focusing my intrinsic curiosity on completely new and unique projects that will help to secure the future of BSAZ in many years to come and provide work and food for the next generation. China certainly offers fertile ground for such developments!

Angewandte50, Peking, 2011