Complete photovoltaic-based power supply for Germany IV – The sun – a fusion reactor

Complete photovoltaic-based power supply for Germany IV. The sun – a fusion reactor


The radiation emitted by the stars, and created by the fusion of hydrogen H2 to Helium He, is a natural and constant source of energy throughout space. 1 g Hcan produce 10 MWh energy. Our own star, the sun, is also a gigantic nuclear fusion reactor. All attempts to imitate this source have not yet led to any technical solutions. But why should it, when this energy source has existed for over five billion years and will continue to exist for essentially the same amount of time. A solution is already available!


The entire global radiation of the sun falling on the earth is basically 10,000 times greater than what the human race consumes. The Earth’s magnetic field filters away the part of the radiation hazardous to humans and the remaining light can be harmlessly and easily converted to electrical current with an efficiency of 23 – 25% using basic photovoltaic technology anywhere on Earth. The sun is there for everyone, everywhere and it is free. This requires a rethink in our mainly profit-orientated economic beliefs.


The basic material required for operating PV units is sand, a safe and inexpensive resource available everywhere in huge quantities. Even spheroidal desert sand, unsuitable for concrete production, can be used for this purpose. The consistent configuration and production of a PV system results in low costs and secure handling without any hazardous waste. The large-area, widely distributed construction type that is necessary guarantees reliable and sustainable operation. PV systems are also extremely robust against terroristic attacks and warfare, guaranteeing a safe and almost trouble-free power supply. Operation can be stopped or discontinued at any time without leaving unsafe or toxic residues.